About Techcential International Ltd

  • Company Name : Techcential International Ltd
  • Established          : June 14, 2016
  • Main business     : R&D, professional manufacturing and sales of American wooden bedroom furniture, R&D and professional manufacturing of American wooden kitchen cabinets, and the procurement and processing of upstream raw materials – board and rubber wood.
  • Address                 : PTD 4093 Kaw Perindustrian Parit Jamil, 84150 Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

Techcential International Ltd is established in 2016, with the 3 subsidiaries:

Techcential Sdn Bhd was established as early as 2001. The main manufacture of products is the five-piece set of bedroom furniture. Major sales are in the United States and Canada.

ESK Wood Products was established as early as 2018. The ESK handles the procurement and processing of upstream raw materials – board and rubber wood.

In 2019, the company adjusted EHL’s business plan to invest in kitchen cabinet manufacturing. We mainly specialized in the production of wooden kitchen cabinets and sell them to large distributors in the U.S. The five-piece set includes “doors, frames, drawer heads, drawer surfaces, cabinets Body”.

Vision & Mission

Vision  – To deliver great value merchandise worldwide.

Mission – To build long-term relationship with our employees, customers, vendors and shareholders by providing the best service, and deliver the best value merchandise globally.

Our Team


Brief History of Our Company

2021 - Increase share capital & the 2nd Non-Guaranteed Convertible Corporate Bond in Taiwan R.O.C.

  • The 2nd Non-Guaranteed Convertible Corporate Bond in Taiwan R.O.C. was listed on the OTC on November 11, 2021.
  • The increased share capital was listed on the OTC on December 8, 2021.

2020 - EHL set up factory

  • The demand for wooden furniture continues to grow, and TC’s revenue grows by 6% under the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • EHL actively set up factories and can start production after the COVID-19 pandemic has eased.

2019 - Invested in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets

  •  Techential Sdn Bhd participated in MIFF International Furniture Fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  •  The adjusted business of EHL and invested in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets.
  • TIL Issuance of the first unsecured conversion of corporate bonds in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

2018 - New Milestones

  • TIL became one of the TWSE/TPEx Listed Company in Taiwan (Stock Code: 6616).
  • New investment and establishment of a subsidiary to engage in the direct procurement business of raw materials (rubber wood and “KD”).

2017 - Techcential Sdn Bhd won the award recognition

  • Techcential won the “International Golden Eagle Award” hosted by Malaysia.

2016 - Company Restructure

  • The restructuring of the company registered Techcential International Sdn Bhd in the Cayman Islands.
  • TC Home actively explored the US West market and joined the Las Vegas Furniture Market.
  • Set up a warehouse in Malaysia to fully promoted the “Mixed-Container Program” (MCP).

2015 - Own brand TC Home

  • The company revenue is approximately RM100 mil with an annual growth rate of approximately 20%.
  • TC Home takes part in the “High Point Furniture Market”.

2014 - Revenue Growth

  • The company revenue exceeded RM80 million with an annual growth rate of approximately.

2013 - ERP management system

  • It introduced an ERP system into company management.
  • Established TC Home Sdn Bhd, mainly developing the trading of furniture.

2012 - TC revenue of over RM60 million.

2010 - Mechanized Production

  • Purchase the large machinery, create a large-scale assembly line, cultivate a professional cooperative factory, products sold to the US market.

2008 - Company Transformation

  • Transformation focuses on customized bedroom furniture.

2005 - Company Thrives

  • The increase of production lines to increase production capacity and break the scale of small and medium enterprises.

2001 - Founded Company

  • Established the current operating entity- Techcential Sdn Bhd. Main business items include the drying room, wood planning industry, and furniture manufacturing.

The subsidiary of the Techcential International Ltd